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editing proofreading and critiquingCharlotte Hughes has written 50 novels in a variety of genres for several of the top publishers. She has received a variety of awards for her writing and six of her novels have made the New York Times best seller lists. Prior to her writing career she was a features editor at a newspaper in Kansas.

Like every published author, she is looking for an excuse to miss her next deadline. There are several services for which you might be able to retain her service. 

Charlotte Hughes, author of Nutcase, Hot Shot, and Full Bloom (co-authored with Janet Evanovich) will, from time to time, critique a few manuscripts by aspiring authors, suggesting changes that can make the manuscript shine. Ms. Hughes has judged hundreds of contests and she knows the publishing business inside out. Charlotte is especially known for her sense of humor and her dialogue, and can help you get a better feel for how to improve your fiction or nonfiction work.

For editing services, email Charlotte, subject matter: myeditingservices: (get rid of the spaces):

Include the length of your manuscript, whether you are looking for book or manuscript critiquing, proofreading or editing, and a brief discussion of the project for which you would like to have her assistance.

Ms. Hughes critiques only a handful of books and manuscripts, but she can be engaged for occasional proofreading and critiquing of ebooks as well as novels.













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